Google makes Meet available for free for everyone

Whether you're on web, iOS or Android, you can now access Meet for free

Google Meet will now be free to use and available for anyone with a Google account.

It’s been a little over a month since Google rebranded its Hangouts Meet platform to Google Meet and in that time it has grown extensively. Originally, Meet was built for secure business meetings and was only available for G Suite users. Google made the service free for G Suite and G Suite for Education users in March and saw daily usage grow 30 times.

Further, Google says Meet now hosts 3 billion minutes of video meetings every day and last month the service added roughly 3 million new users every day.

Near the end of April, Google said it planned to make Meet available for free to everyone. Now it has. Anyone can go to ‘‘ to get started. It’s also available on iOS and Android. Those with an existing Google Account can sign in and start using Google Meet.

Those without a Google Account will have to create one. Google says it requires an email address for security purposes. That email doesn’t have to be a Gmail address, however.

Popular Meet features will be available as well. That includes the ability to create and share meetings or join meetings using meeting codes. Additionally, users can plan video meetings and invite others directly from Google Calendar. Plus, Meet supports AI-powered automatic live captioning, which can help people with hearing loss participate in video meetings.

Finally, Google says it will make Meet accessible right from Gmail for quick access to meetings.

You can learn more about what Google is doing with Meet here.

Source: Google