Montreal-based KO_OP launches puzzle game ‘Winding Worlds’ on Apple Arcade

The Canadian indie developer managed to finish the game while working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic

Winding Worlds

Montreal-based indie game developer KO_OP has released a new adventure-puzzle title called Winding Worlds on Apple Arcade.

A follow-up to KO_OP’s 2017 puzzle game GnogWinding Worlds follows a bunny-like creature named Willow that’s been tasked by a cosmic snake to help lost souls find acceptance and move onto the afterlife.

While that might sound like heavy material, KO_OP says it’s presented in a light-hearted and approachable way. In keeping with that idea of accessibility, the game has been designed to have easy-to-use mechanics that are suitable for all ages.

Notably, KO_OP is made up of a 12-person team that managed to finish the game remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out Winding Worlds‘ Apple Arcade page here.

An Apple Arcade subscription costs $5.99 CAD/month.