Instagram is letting select users write blog posts with new ‘Guides’ feature

The new feature's focus is on 'wellness'

Instagram announced that blog posts are coming to its platform through a new feature called ‘Guides.’

The social media platform says the new format is focused on ‘wellness’ and is an effort to reach users during the COVID-19 pandemic. It won’t be available to all users, but a small group of influencers, publishers and organizations will be able to use Guides.

The feature combines photos, text and videos into a single blog-style article. Just like with IGTV, Guides will have their own section in a user’s account profile and will appear in a new ‘wellness’ section in Instagram’s Explore tab.

An Instagram spokesperson told Engadget that Guides are limited to wellness, at least for now. The social media site says it is “exploring what the future of Guides will look like.”

Source: Instagram Via: Engadget