Get access to Chrome’s new security features early with these tweaks

There is an easy way, and a slightly less easy way to get access to these features

If yesterday’s Google Chrome security update is the kind of thing that excites you, then you’ll be happy to know that with a few clicks, you can have all the new features today.

There are two main ways of enabling this feature. First, you can download Chrome Canary, which is a separate beta version of the browser that gets new features first. This is the easiest way, and it allows you to get the new features within Canary, which is its own separate app and already has the features.

If you’d rather not have two versions of Chrome on your computer, and you don’t mind making your main version a little unstable, then you can enable a variety of Chrome flags to get the features to appear.

Chrome flags can be found at ‘Chrome://Flags.’ This enables features in Chrome that are in testing or not ready for the public. In the past, we’ve seen flags enable a cool ‘Reader mode‘ and a bottom docked search bar on android. If you’re going to go this route instead of Canary, make sure your Chrome browser is up to date.

The list of flags to enable are below:

On a personal note, I did this with Canary, and regular Chrome and Canary was by far easier to set up. One note I will mention is that no matter what I tried, I was unable to get the redesign for the ‘You and Google’ section.

When Google first announced the update, it said the features would make their way to people in the coming week. This means you might only have to wait a few more days for the features to start popping up in the regular version of Chrome.

Source: Lifehacker