Government launches online tool to help determine if you’re eligible for COVID-19 benefits

The online tool asks a few questions and then generates a list of relief programs

The federal government has launched an online tool to help Canadians find more information about COVID-19 relief benefits that they may be eligible to receive.

“You’ll find a list of a few simple questions and the tool will generate a list of programs for which you may be eligible,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated during his daily briefing on May 22nd.

Since the government has launched several relief programs for Canadians facing unemployment, businesses, students and seniors, this tool is meant to make it easier to determine if you are eligible to receive any benefits.

“Answer some questions to find financial help. We cannot guarantee your eligibility, but we can point you to the program details,” the online tool reads.

The first question asks which province or territory you reside in. Next, you’ll be asked if you have lost your income due to COVID-19. From there, you’ll be asked a series of questions regarding your current situation, such as if you’re retired, on paid leave or working from home.

Users are then asked whether they are worried about making mortgage or rent payments, or if you receive the Canada Child Benefit. The tool also asks if you have any student loans that you owe the government.

Once you go through the series of questions, the end page outlines if you are eligible for any assistance. The tool notes that the results do not guarantee your eligibility, and that you should read the links it provides before applying.

The website states that more benefits are being added, and that Canadians may want to keep checking back for updates. You can access the online tool here.