Canada Learning Code has a digital literacy goal amid the pandemic

The goal is to deliver 10 million learning experiences by 2027

Canada Learning Code is a program that was not initially designed to exist online, according to a recent talk with Google’s For Nonprofits program.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that if there is a will, there is a way for any organization to make that digital transition.

Amid the pandemic, the Canada Learning Code team built a task force to create a digital experience for the program.

The focus was to uphold a safe and inclusive learning environment and to stay true to their values.

Canada Learning Code has hosted in-person technology education classes for people across Canada since 2011. The focus of the organization is teaching women, girls, people with disabilities, Indigenous youth and newcomers to Canada.

At this point, the program has reached 35 communities and over 650,000 people.

A sacrifice was made in order to make the classes more interactive and developed shorter workshops. They’re mostly about topics like HTML coding.

Before the pandemic, the team was already using digital tools like Gmail and Google Docs. The organization quickly transitioned to remote work while the team uses the full suite of Google applications.

The future of the Canada Learning Code has been changed by the pandemic in the long term. The organization is thinking of continuing with online learning in conjunction with its in-person programs,

It has a goal of delivering 10 million learning experiences by 2027 with a focus on digital literacy.

Update 05/27/2020 3:30pm: This story has been updated with information regarding Canada Learning Code clarifying that no sacrifices were made while transitioning its workshop to an online format.

“We’ve re-imagined our experiences to ensure that they are still highly social, collaborative, hands-on and project-based. We currently offer a variety of workshops, with more being added all the time,” said Canada Learning Code said in a statement.

Source: Google