Samsung Galaxy Book Ion and Book Flex laptops now available in Canada, Book S coming soon

The South Korean company's laptops are coming back to Canada

Galaxy Book Ion

Update -June 9th: Samsung Canada announced that the Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion are now available to purchase online from its website, through Samsung Experience Stores or at major retailers such as Best Buy.

For those waiting for the Galaxy Book S, Samsung notes this “will be made available for purchase at a later date” but is available now for pre-order now.

Samsung’s Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Ion and Galaxy Book Flex, three distinct Windows laptops from the South Korean tech giant that initially released last year in the United States, are coming to Canada.

The company stopped selling its laptops in Canada several years ago, but it’s bringing the line back with the launch of these new devices.

Galaxy Book S

Samsung says that the Galaxy Book S thin and light design measures in at 11mm thick and 950g. Further, the laptop features a metal design, full touchscreen, two USB-C ports, a microSD card slot, gigabit Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6, a built-in fingerprint sensor and Intel’s 10th-Gen Core i5 processor. The laptop is also fanless and includes an adapter that features standard USB-A 3.0 and HDMI ports

Finally, Samsung claims that the Book S is capable of getting 20 hours of battery life. It’s worth noting that the LTE variant of the laptop isn’t coming to Canada.

Pricing for the Galaxy Book S is as follows:

  • 13.3-inch/8GB of RAM/256GB of storage — $1,299 CAD (Mercury Gray)
  • 13.3-inch/8GB of RAM/512GB of storage — $1,359 CAD (Earth Gold) (Costco Canada Exclusive)

Galaxy Book Ion

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion

The Galaxy Book Ion is being positioned as the primary device in Samsung’s laptop lineup. The company says that the device is designed for both “work and play.”

The Book Ion measures in at 12.9mm to 13.9mm thick and weighs between 0.97kg and 1.19kg. Notable features include three USB-C ports, a UFS slot, a microSD card slot and Intel’s 10th Gen Core processors. Interestingly, more RAM and SSD storage can also be added to the laptop through slots located on the side of the Ion.

Regarding battery life, the Book Ion comes in at 21.5 to 22.5 hours, according to Samsung.

Pricing for the Galaxy Book Ion is as follows:

  • 13.3-inch/i5/8GB of RAM/256GB of storage — $1,699 CAD
  • 13.3-inch/i5/8GB of RAM/512GB of storage — $1,859 CAD – Costco Canada Exclusive
  • 15.6-inch/i5/16GB of RAM/512GB of storage — $1,959 CAD – Costco Canada Exclusive
  • 15.6-inch/i7/8GB of RAM/512GB of storage — $2,099 CAD
  • 15.6-inch/i7/8GB of RAM/512GB of storage — $2,149 CAD

Galaxy Book Flex

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex

The Galaxy Book Flex, at least in some ways, seems like a giant Note device. The aluminum tablet-laptop hybrid is capable of flipping its screen over entirely and can even be placed in a tent shape on a desk. It measures in at 12.9mm to 14.9mm and weighs between 1.16kg and 1.52kg depending on the size and configuration.

In terms of ports, the Book Flex features 3 USB-C ports and UFS and micro SD card slot. The device also features a backlit keyboard, a touchscreen and even an S Pen that’s capable of the same functionality as the Note, including Gestures and being used as a remote button for presentation apps.

Similar to the other laptops in Samsung’s lineup, the Book Flex features Intel’s 10th-Gen Core i5 or i7 processor, as well as an NVMe SSD, Gigabit support, Wi-Fi 6, and a fingerprint sensor.

Pricing for the Galaxy Book Flex is as follows:

  • 13.3-inch/i7/8GB of RAM/512GB of storage — $2,199 CAD
  • 15.6-inch/i7/16GB of RAM/512GB of storage — $2,399 CAD

Samsung says that along with Canada, the company is now selling its Galaxy Book line in several other countries around the world. All three laptops are available to pre-order on starting May 29th, and will be available to purchase online and at major retailers across Canada on Friday, June 5th.

I’ll have a review of the Galaxy Book Ion up on MoibleSyrup in the coming weeks.