Twitter Canada partners with Inuit artist on emoji for Indigenous History Month

National Indigenous Peoples Day falls on June 21st

Twitter logo on a phone

Twitter Canada has revealed a new emoji in celebration of Indigenous History Month, which kicked off on June 1st.

To create the emoji, the social media giant partnered with Aija Komangapik (@AKomangapik), a multimedia artist and Bishop’s University arts administration student.

The emoji will pop up for every tweet labelled with the following hashtags:

    • #IndigenousHistoryMonth
    • #MoisHistoireAutochtone
    • #IndigenousPeoplesDay
    • #JournéeNationalePeuplesAutochtones
    • #IPDCanada
    • #JPACanada
    • #IPD
    • #JPA

The third listed hashtag, #IndigenousPeoplesDay, relates to National Indigenous Peoples Day, which falls on June 21st. All of these hashtags are intended to help drive conversations about the contributions of the Indigenous people, as well as the issues they continue to deal with.

More information on Twitter’s Indigenous History Month efforts, as well as a short bio on Komangapik, can be found here.