Google rolling out more robust security key options on iOS

You can now tap a secure key to the back of your iPhone to sign into Google

Google is beginning to roll out an update that will allow iOS users to take advantage of 2-step verification keys to sign into their Google account.

A secure key is a little device that acts as a 2-factor authentication step when you log into platforms. For example, you would need your password and the key to log into your Google account if you enable this.

The idea behind the key is that it makes it harder for someone to hack a physical item that you need to log in to your accounts. This means that even if someone is using your password, they still won’t be able to get into your account until they physically steal your key.

The key tech aspect of this news is that Google is finally adding support for the ‘W3C WebAuth‘ login standard on iOS, which allows Apple’s devices to take advantage of NFC, the lightning connection, or a USB-C port to activate a secure key.

Previously, users could only use Bluetooth connections or phone-based keys to act as a secure key. This update brings a lot more support to the table. Google’s Titan Security Keys are available in Canada and include NFC, which seems like the easiest way to use these devices.

iOS users will need to be running version 13.3 or newer of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Source: Google