Apple reportedly hires former Amazon Video executive to lead sports content on Apple TV+

Reports suggest that Apple is investing in sports content for its streaming service

Apple has reportedly hired James DeLorenzo, a former Amazon Video executive, to lead its sports-related projects on Apple TV+.

DeLorenzo led Amazon Video’s sports content since 2016, and will now be doing the same for Apple. This comes after reports suggested that Apple was going to expand its projects and invest in sports content for its streaming service.

Another recent report from Sports Business Daily suggests that the tech giant is in talks with the Pac-12 Conference regarding media rights starting 2024. This would mean that some sports events would be live-streamed on Apple TV+. If Apple is able to strike a deal, it could set its streaming service apart from other platforms.

It’s important to note that Apple has not yet confirmed DeLorenzo’s hiring or any other plans for sports-related content.

Streaming services do lack sports events, which is something that could garner a lot of subscribers. Live sports partnerships could allow Apple to differentiate itself from other services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

This would be quite significant for Apple because its streaming service currently has a limited amount of content. Apple has been looking to expand its catalogue as the company is now in talks to obtain rights to older TV shows and movies.

Source: 9to5Google