Some iPhone 11 users reporting green tint issues after unlocking

The problem seems to be a software issue

iPhone 11

Some iPhone 11 users are seeing a strange green tint on their displays for a few seconds after unlocking their devices.

This is based on complaints posted to Reddit and MacRumors’ forum. It’s unclear why this is happening, but some users say it mainly happens when they have dark mode or Night Shift enabled. Others say it happens when they have their brightness set at the lowest setting.

Some users say that the green tint started appearing since the iOS 13.4.1 update, which indicates that it could be a software issue. It’s interesting to note that some people have been able to get rid of the problem by restarting their devices, but this solution didn’t work for others.

Although iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max users seem to be the most affected by the issue, some iPhone X and XS users have also reported having the problem.

Since it does appear to be a software problem, Apple will likely address it through a future update.

Source: MacRumors