Uber Eats Canada tipping has increased by 55 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic

Quebec, in particular, is tipping a fair bit

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Uber Eats Canada has revealed that the average tip on orders has increased by 55 percent since March 9th, two days before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

According to Uber Eats, the 10 Canadian cities with highest tips during this time are:

  1. Quebec City
  2. Victoria
  3. Sherbrooke
  4. Gatineau
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Vancouver
  8. Calgary
  9. Trois-Rivieres
  10. Saskatoon

Interestingly, four of these cities are from Quebec, while there isn’t a single Ontario city on the list.

Additionally, Uber Eats says Canadians tipping habits have changed over the past three months. To start, people are now tipping more on Fridays and Saturdays, while tips in general are about 33 percent higher than the daily average between 5pm and 6pm. Specifically, Canadians are tipping more on Japanese, Thai, Italian and pub food orders.

Overall, Uber Eats says more than $1 million has been donated to restaurants through Uber Eats’ direct-to-restaurant tip feature. The company says it’s matched that first $1 million through a donation to the Canadian Hospitality Relief Fund. To help with restaurant tipping, Uber Eats also now allows users to view orders from the past 90 days and tip these businesses.