Uber receives licence to operate in Winnipeg, planning summer launch

The company is currently signing up drivers in the city

Uber Canada has received a licence to operate in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is now looking for drivers in order to launch its service this summer.

“With our City of Winnipeg license in hand, we’re one step away from launching in Winnipeg this summer!” the company wrote on Twitter.

The company planned its entrance into the city for months and has finally received a dispatcher license, and expects to launch within weeks.

Uber has been continuously expanding its operations in Canada, as it launched in Vancouver earlier this year. It’ll be interesting to see if its launch in Winnipeg amid the COVID-19 pandemic will be different since ridership has likely significantly dropped.

On May 18th, Uber implemented mandatory precautionary measures for both riders and drivers. One of the main new measures requires both drivers and riders to wear a face cover or mask.

Riders will only be able to request a ride on the app if they have confirmed that they are wearing a mask. Similarly, drivers can only go online once they have indicated they are wearing a mask.

Uber now requires drivers to take a picture of themselves to verify that they are wearing a mask. This will be done through the app’s AI system, which will be able to detect whether they are wearing one.

Riders are also now asked to sit in the back of the driver’s vehicle and open a window for ventilation if possible. Uber has also reduced the number of passengers for its “UberX” option from four riders to three.

Source: Uber Canada