YouTube releases breakdown of its monetization guidelines

The platform is attempting to clear up some confusion regarding its policies

YouTube has released a breakdown of its monetization guidelines in order to offer more transparency about its rules.

The platform has outlined when it will allow advertising on content that contains hateful content. For instance, it will allow ads on news content that describes a marginalized group or reports in a non-hateful way on discrimination that a group may face, such as a news report on homophobia.

YouTube will also allow ads for “comedic content that include jokes at the expense of marginalized groups in a non-hurtful manner as part of a public debate or comedic context such as non-hateful jokes in a standup comedy routine.”

Content creators can also turn on ads for artistic videos that use sensitive terminology in a non-hateful way, such as music videos.

YouTube notes that it’s “not telling you what to create. Each and every creator on YouTube is unique and contributes to the vibrancy of YouTube.” It says the new breakdown is meant to help YouTubers “understand more clearly the types of content that advertisers may not wish to appear against.”

The platform has outlined several other different cases and examples about what type of content is allowed to display ads on in the breakdown.

Source: YouTube