Google Meet rolling out AI-powered noise cancellation feature

The tech giant is trying to take on Zoom and its other competitors

Google Meet is starting to roll out its live AI-powered noise cancellation feature for its G Suite customers.

The tech giant says the feature can “intelligently filter out background distractions, like your dog barking or keyboard strokes as you take meeting notes. This helps to limit interruptions in your meeting.”

It’s important to note that Google is rolling out the feature gradually, so G Suite users will likely get access to it later this month. The feature is hitting the web platform first, and then will roll out to the Android and iOS apps afterwards.

Serge Lachapelle, G Suite’s director of product management, demonstrated how the feature works in a video produced by VentureBeat. The video shows how the noise cancellation feature can remove the sound of clicking pens and crackling chip bags.

Google has spent a year and a half developing this feature, and used its own meetings to train the AI model. Lachapelle told VentureBeat that Google is going to use customer support channels to determine where the software may be encountering problems and needs improvement.

The noise cancellation is on by default, but can be turned off in the audio menu of the app’s settings. It’s unknown when Google will roll out this feature for all Meet users, but Lacapelle indicated that the company wants to bring it to more users in the future.

Google, like several other companies right now, is trying to take on Zoom, which has surged in popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The tech giant recently made Google Meet free for everyone in an attempt to garner more users.

Source: VentureBeat Via: The Verge