Google Phone app getting dedicated Duo shortcut button

Google has been working to integrate its Duo video calling platform deeper into other communications apps, like the Phone app and Messages, for some time.

However, a new tweak rolling out to the Google Phone beta app takes this a step further. As spotted by Android Police, the Phone app now sports a second floating action button (FAB) for launching Duo. The new FAB resides just above the current FAB, which opens the dialer so users can type a number.

Tapping the Duo button simply opens the Duo app.

Left: Old Google Phone interface. Right: New Google Phone update with Duo button.

The button is showing up as part of Google Phone ‘version 50.0.314411800.’ It’s currently rolling out on the beta channel from the Play Store.

However, it appears there’s a server-side change that needs to happen as well. In my testing, most phones didn’t have it except for a Pixel 4. Android Police reports that it was able to get the button on both Pixel and non-Pixel devices running the beta.

If you’re not already on the Google Phone beta, you can join it by heading to the Phone app’s Play Store page, scrolling to the beta section and joining. Google Play will push an update with the beta version of the app to your phone.

Source: Android Police