New app ‘Work | Space’ hopes to make returning to work safer during COVID-19

The app uses Bluetooth technology to alert users if they get too close to a co-worker

A new app in the works from developer Equal Experts hopes to make it easier for people to return to work safely amid COVID-19.

The app, called ‘Work | Space,’ will use Bluetooth to detect when you get too close to your co-worker and will alert users to help them build a habit of maintaining a safe distance while at work.

The technology in use is similar to the contact tracing software developed by Apple and Google to help public health agencies. However, it’s important to note that Equal Experts isn’t using that official API — it’s currently limited to only official public health agencies.

Considering that Work | Space isn’t designed to perform contact tracing, it may not be a significant issue if it isn’t using the API from Apple and Google. Instead, Work | Space appears to be a more proactive tool designed to alert people when they get too close, rather than retroactively notify people that they may have come in contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

At the time of writing, Work | Space wasn’t available on the iOS App Store. However, interested businesses can reach out to Equal Experts through their website to learn more about Work | Space and how to implement it in their office space.

You can also learn more about Work | Space on the developers’ website.

Source: 9to5Mac