Bang & Olufsen joins Xbox accessory maker program

Xbox is looking to make sure it has high-end headphones ready for its next console

The high-end audio company Bang & Olufsen has partnered with Microsoft to build premium gaming headsets.

Specifically, the team is working to meet the ‘Designed by Xbox’ program standards, but there’s no mention of what the standard means precisely.

The news makes its way from a Bang & Olufsen tweet that doesn’t share much other than the company is planning to make multiple headsets, and they should uphold the traditional design and quality of B&O products.

The press release attached to the tweet suggests that the headset, or headsets, will launch sometime near the release of the Series X.

If I had to guess, I’d bet on some kind of surround sound audio format such as DTS for headphones or Atmos to make an appearance to help Xbox keep up with the PS4’s 3D audio feature.

Source: Bang & Olufsen