Fido offering some customers bonus 5GB data for 24 months

The offer is showing up on customers' Fido MyAccount page

Fido's website on the Galaxy S20

Rogers’ flanker-brand Fido is reportedly offering some users a 5GB data bonus for 24 months.

As spotted by RedFlagDeals (RFD), the offer is turning up in subscribers’ Fido MyAccount web portal. To check if you’re eligible, just log into Fido MyAccount and see if the bonus data is available to claim.

“We think you deserve more data so we’re giving you more for FREE! Yeah, you read that right. We’ll add a 5GB data bonus for 24 months on your current plan today – no added cost, no new contract, no kidding!” reads the blurb on the bonus offer.

Several RFD users suggest logging into the Fido MyAccount service and checking under ‘Usage & Services’ to find the offer. You’ll need to activate it from the MyAccount service and the 5GB bonus is not automatic.

Further, it looks like most RFD users able to claim the deal were on Fido’s $60/15GB plan. The bonus put them up to 20GB per month. However, others were able to claim the offer on different plans. Still, others didn’t see the offer at all, so your mileage will vary. It’s worth noting that some of the RFD users who didn’t get offered the 5GB bonus did have other offers on their account they could claim.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Fido to confirm if the offer is still ongoing and what the details are. This story will be updated with the response.

While a free bonus of 5GB is certainly welcome, given that most people are spending their time at home and not using much cellular data because of COVID-19, a bill discount would be much more welcome from Fido and other Canadian carriers. Sure, many of us could downgrade our plans to save some money, but those who do run the risk of not being able to get that plan back later on.

If you’re a Fido customer, you can log into the MyAccount page here.

Source: RFD