Google Assistant smart speakers can now help users find up to nine phones

"Hey Google, find my phone"

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If you have a Google Assistant smart speaker, you’re able to ask the device to “Find my phone,” however, until now the feature has only been able to locate two phones at once. This probably wouldn’t be an issue for most people, but if you’re like me and want to find your fifth or sixth smartphone, Assistant can now locate up to nine smartphones.

Before, the Assistant would only be available to ring up to the two latest devices used in a binary selection, but Google doesn’t seem to understand the last phone you used, this becomes especially noticeable if you’ve recently switched a device you hadn’t used in a while.

With the recent update, when you ask Google to find your smartphone, it now lists the last used devices. Now when you say “no,” Assistant will list up to five other handsets — and if you say no again, it lists three more smartphones.

On a smart screen, you can then see the list and tap the device you want to locate.

There are still some issues, though. For example, when Google is listing the phones, a lot of them are listed by their codenames. Artem Russakovskii from Android Police showed this off in the video below. You also can’t seem to ask Google for a specific phone on the list, either.

The update is live for the U.S. English version of the Assistant, and also worked for me in Canada. For reference, I’m using the U.S. Canadian version of Assistant, though it only found six of my devices.

Lastly, the new update, unfortunately, still can’t help you find tablets or Chromebook.

Source: Jamie Barron (@gumbald), Android Police