UberEats offering buy one, get one free deal with select restaurants until June 21

If you were wondering what to get for dinner tonight there’s a pretty appealing buy one, get one free offer at a bunch of restaurants through UberEats.

Not every buy one, get one deal is worth it, but there are a few restaurants in Toronto that provide full meals. For example, at KFC the deal is, buy one four-piece chicken meal and get one free. Other restaurants only have the deal on appetizers or other smaller snacks.

Once you open the app you’ll see the ‘Buy one, get on Free’ header scroll through the banner at the top. Tapping on the banner will display some of the restaurants near you that have the deal in place, but it doesn’t show everything.

Other restaurants that have the deal in place will have a purple tag that says ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ on their restaurant title card depending on what view of the app you’re in. One of the better ways to find the deals is to enter the app’s ‘Special offers section’ on the main page.

Once you’re in you need to order one of the menu items labelled as ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free.’