Dolby On Android app gains access to live streaming features

Android users can now stream to Twitch or other RTMP-supported sites like YouTube

The Dolby On recording app is getting a significant update on Android today that should bring the platform in line with its iOS counterpart.

Back in April, Dolby On launched on Android while the iOS version of the app gained Twitch as a live streaming option. At the time, Twitch joined Facebook Live as an option for streaming your music.

Now, Android users will also be able to access live streaming platforms so they can perform live for their audience. Like the iOS version of Dolby On, the Android app will work with Twitch as well as ‘real-time messaging protocol’ (RTMP) websites.

RTMP works with YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Further, Dolby says it can be integrated with other services like OBS and Restream.

To use Dolby On’s live stream function, users must swipe over to the live stream button and tap it. Then the app will prompt users to connect their preferred streaming accounts or paste a URL and enter RTMP info to connect to a streaming service.

Dolby On makes it easy to record music and video with high-quality sound using just your smartphone. The app analyzes music recording and automatically applies the right EQ, compression, noise reduction, stereo widening and other settings to attain the best sound.

You can download Dolby On for free on both iOS and Android.