EB Games Canada is accepting store trade-ins amid COVID-19 pandemic

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EB Games Canada is looking to get back into allowing customers to trade-in games, systems and accessories amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Gamestop-owned business revealed in an email that it’s now accepting trade-ins.

EB Games detailed that any customers looking to earn credit off their trade will need to go to the store’s new designated trade area.

The store’s associates wear personal protective equipment to process the trade, and you’ll be asked to put your items into the new trade bin. The items are then assessed and the appropriate amount of credit is given out.

At the end of a business day, all items will be kept inside the bin overnight. In the morning, items are disinfected by a certified EB Games employee.

The process is applied to all items each business day before their distributed to resale or refurbishment.

If you’re looking to trade-in, call your local EB Games store to gain a better understanding of the location’s policies before heading out.

Source: EB Games Via: Twitter