Linked editing comes to Photoshop and Lightroom on iPad

Editing images on the iPad just got a little easier

iPad Pro

Adobe has finally made it easier to move images between Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC on iPad.

Following a recent update to both apps, Lightroom on iPad now has a new ‘Edit in Photoshop button’ that sends an image straight to Photoshop. This makes resizing images and more complicated edits easier to do directly on an iPad. There’s also a ‘Send to Lightroom’ button in Photoshop that transfers images to the Photography-focused app.

This feature has been available in the desktop version of Photoshop and Lightroom for several years but is only making its way to the iPad now. Last year, Adobe added the ability to import images directly from a SD card to the app, removing the frustrating additional step of adding images to Apple’s Photos app before being able to edit them in Lightroom or Photoshop.

It’s worth noting that it was possible to do this before by exporting and importing images between both apps, but this process takes multiple steps and wasn’t exactly streamlined.

Adobe released several updates today to both the desktop and iPad version of Lightroom and Photoshop. For example, Lightroom now has a ‘local hue’ adjustment tool, the ability to save different versions of edits across several platforms and a more streamlined watermarking workflow.

On the desktop side of things, there’s a new subject select tool that makes it easier to edit portrait photos, and a new Camera Raw interface that looks very similar to Lightroom.

While I edit images probably 60 percent of the time with the iPad Pro (2019) because I prefer the intuitiveness of the Apple Pencil — especially for spot removal — not being able to easily size the photos in Photoshop has forced me to open the photographs on desktop. Thanks to this update, I can do all of my photo editing directly on the iPad Pro.

An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is priced at $52.99 USD (about $70 CAD) per month. There’s also the option to pay $9.99 USD ($13.55 CAD) per month for access to just Photoshop and Lightroom,

Source: Adobe