Xbox One June 2020 update makes it easier to manage digital games

Xbox One update

Microsoft has rolled out the Xbox One’s June system update, bringing with it simplified digital game management, verified Official Clubs and more.

To start, the update has added overlays to game tiles in My Games & Apps, Home and Guide to make it easier to tell where you got the title from. Specifically, these overlays will make note of whether the game came from Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold and EA Access subscriptions.

Further, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscribers will now see a badge next to their Gamertag on Home and in the Guide to highlight those memberships. This will make it easier to find content related to those subscriptions, such as the new games that join their respective catalogues every month. For Game Pass, in particular, Xbox says a content block dedicated to the service will pop at the top of the Xbox One dashboard for new subscribers to help them discover games.

Finally, the update has added a social media-esque verification badge to signify Official Clubs. This will help you determine which Clubs are created and managed by game developers, rather than fans.

Source: Xbox