Amazon’s Echo Auto is now available in Canada

This little device makes it easier to use Alexa while driving

If you want to add an Alexa voice assistant to your vehicle, you can now buy the Amazon Echo Auto in Canada for $70.

This smart device works in conjunction with your phone and vehicle’s Bluetooth to play music, sets reminders, navigate maps and more.

This device is actually a lot like many of the other Echo smart speakers, but since it’s used in the car, it takes advantage of your phone’s data connection and location data. If you don’t have Bluetooth, there is an AUX port in the Echo Auto as well.

While MobileSyrup hasn’t gone hands-on with the Echo Auto yet, it’s been available in the U.S. for a while now. It makes sense to use this device in the car since it features eight microphones, allowing the device to easily hear your voice commands over the sounds of the road or an AC/heater.

For the most part, the Echo Auto works like a regular Echo smart speaker — you ask it a question, and it responds vocally. The main difference is when you want to use turn-by-turn navigation.

First up, you’ll need your phone mounted legally to your dashboard and have set up the Echo Auto in the Alexa app. It also might be handy to set up a ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ shortcut in the Alexa app’s ‘Your Locations’ setting to streamline your commute.

Then when you ask Alexa to take you home, or to an address, it will open the default mapping app on your phone and then show navigation there.

If you want to buy an Echo Auto, it costs $70 at both Best Buy Canada and