Facebook takes down nearly 900 more accounts linked to hate groups

The social media giant also removed 200 accounts two weeks ago

Facebook says it has removed nearly 900 more accounts on its platform, as well as Instagram, that were linked to far-right hate groups.

The accounts were associated with right-wing groups such as Proud Boys and American Guard, including accounts of supporters who confronted anti-racist demonstrators over the weekend.

Facebook told Reuters that these latest removals add to the smaller round of removals that it made two weeks ago.

“We initially removed a set of accounts for both organizations on May 30 when we saw that both organizations started posting content tied to the ongoing protests. We were continuing the work to map out the full network,” a spokesperson told Reuters.

The social media giant had banned the groups, but members continued to post hate messages and encouraged others to attend protests while armed.

Facebook is under pressure to crack down on hate groups as they are using the platform to recruit more members. The company has recently taken steps to make it harder for users to find groups linked to the “Boogaloo” movement. Followers of this movement believe that a new U.S. civil war is upcoming, and are usually armed with weapons.

Two followers of this movement were charged in relation to the murder of a security guard in Oakland, California. The two members were part of the same Facebook group and had discussed inciting violence in posts on the platform.

Source: Reuters