Google Assistant new enhancements create faster, more fluid interactions

Google has announced other, smaller improvements as well

With an upcoming update, Google Assistant smart displays will be able to access AMP web articles. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an instant article format that the Mountain View, California-based company designed to load webpages on mobile faster. AMP can bring depth web content to smart displays and provide full articles instead of excerpts from news articles.

Alongside the AMP news, Google announced a variety of improvements for the voice assistant, which it says will make interacts work faster, more seamless and get more accurate responses to questions.

Google has announced other, smaller improvements, which should make using the voice assistant a bit better.

Home Storage is a feature that’ll let developers store information about individual user interaction for communal smart screens. This will allow it to understand the save points of individual members of the household. There’s also a Continuous Match Mode functionality, which lets interacting with assistant more fluid.

Alongside these features, Google is launching new tools to help developers build actions for the voice assistant. For example, one of the features, Actions Builder, is a web-based tool that integrates with Google’s existing Actions Console, meaning developers can “build, debug, test, release, and analyze” their actions all in one place.

Google announced this at Voice Global 2020, a conference for voice tech.

Source: The Verge, Voice Summit Artificial Intelligence