Parallels, Google partner to bring Windows apps to enterprise Chromebooks

Parallels says the software would bring 'full-featured Windows apps, including Microsoft Office' to Chrome OS

Parallels, the virtualization software that lets users run full Windows installs on Mac computers, plans to tackle Chrome OS next.

In an announcement from the company, Parallels says it’s partnering with Google to bring full Windows application support to enterprise Chrome OS devices.

Considering the number of businesses out there that run legacy Windows software, that’s a big deal. It’s also important for businesses that want to run Microsoft’s Office software natively.

Ultimately, the Parallels and Chrome OS integration could make Chromebooks a lot more viable for businesses that previously had to rely on Windows devices. Of course, this also heavily depends on how well Parallels implements the system. If it doesn’t work well, it may not help anyone.

Further, it remains unclear how it will work and to what extent it will work. Parallels said the partnership would “seamlessly add full-featured Windows apps, including Microsoft Office, to Chromebook Enterprise devices.” However, that doesn’t address what other Windows apps will be included. It also doesn’t address if Parallels will bring the feature to consumer Chromebooks in the future.

Still, the announcement is exciting, especially for people who use Chromebooks for work and find themselves missing Windows apps. Plus, if Parallels eventually expands support for consumers, it could help make Chromebooks more appealing to people who have stuck with Windows for a long time.

We’ll likely learn more about Parallels in the fall, which is when the company says it’ll be ready to add support for Chrome OS.

Source: Parallels Via: Engadget