It looks like Apple might release the AirPower wireless charger after all

However, it's still seemingly pretty far out from release

AirPower header resizzled

A new tweet from notable Apple leaker Jon Prosser suggests that Apple is going to release the AirPower wireless charging mat after all.

The image shows a mat that looks basically the same as the one Apple showed off in 2017, but the exciting part is that it can charge AirPods and an Apple Watch at the same time.

Apple officially canned the project during March of last year, but it seems like the company was still tinkering away on it behind the scenes. Rumours have been swirling that the main reason it was cancelled was that the company was having difficulties supporting both the Qi wireless standard and the proprietary Qi method used for the Apple Watch.

However, if this leaked image is real, then Apple appears to have solved that problem.

Other reports claim Apple was having a hard to keeping the heat down in the charger, and that was the reason for its cancellation. However, Prosser has a fix for that, too. In a tweet from mid-April, he said that Apple had built the A11 chip into the pad to help manage power and heat.

Prosser says these prototypes are called ‘C68’ and are on track for a release in late 2020 or early 2021.

Beyond that, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in January that Apple was working on a more standard single device wireless charger, so it’s unclear whether both of these chargers will come out or if Apple is going to fully commit to AirPower.

Source: Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser)