Listen to what the Xbox Series X’s boot-up sounds like

"It's like a choir of gaming angels singing in your ears"

Xbox Series X

Microsoft gave future Xbox Series X owners a little sneak preview of what the console’s boot-up music will sound like via a post on Xbox’s Twitter account.

For anyone listening who might find it familiar, there is a reason for that. The boot-up sound was previously featured in a 16-second promotional video in anticipation of the brand’s May Inside Xbox event.

“It’s like a choir of gaming angels singing in your ears,” Xbox described in a reply to a fan on Twitter.

Microsoft shared the clip of Xbox Series X’s boot-up sound through Twitter’s new voice notes feature.

THe Xbox Series X is coming out this holiday season, according to Microsoft. Even though that’s around five months away, Microsoft hasn’t yet talked about the console’s price.

Source: Xbox Via: GameSpot