xCloud upgrade coming in 2021 so you can stream Xbox Series X games: report

xCloud is set to launch later this year

Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform, Project xCloud, has been getting a good reception from the service’s public testing in its beta phase.

Currently, xCloud runs Xbox One games, but servers will be upgraded in 2021 so you can stream Xbox Series X games, according to The Verge.

In addition to Xbox Series games coming to its library, the upgrade will enable enhancements to Xbox One games while streaming.

Microsoft is also considering the option to stream PC games when xCloud fully launches. The plan is to add PC server blades in its backend setup, notes The Verge.

The consumer version of Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform is set to launch later this year.

Xbox Game Pass will also be integrated with xCloud. The service gives subscribers access to more than 200 Xbox One and PC games for a monthly fee. According to The Verge, xCloud will launch later this year as part of Game Pass.

No specifics have been given on when we’ll learn more about xCloud. That said, Xbox’s currently undated July event might be a good place to make that announcement.

Source: The Verge