Motorola G Fast smartphone now available in Canada

You can get it with Telus or Koodo, with Rogers, Fido, Bell and Virgin Mobile to carry it in the future

Earlier this month, Motorola unveiled a couple new mid-range smartphones, the Moto E and the Moto G Fast. Now, the G Fast is available with some Canadian carriers.

At the time of writing, the G Fast was available with both Telus and its flanker brand Koodo. However, Motorola says the phone will be available from Rogers, Fido, Bell and Virgin Mobile in the future.

With Telus, the Motorola G Fast is available for $0 down the carrier’s ‘Easy Payment’ device financing program. With device financing, customers will pay $10 per month for the phone for 24 months — or $240 in total. Telus lists the retail cost of the G Fast at $275, meaning customers save $35 over buying it outright.

Likewise, Koodo offers the G Fast on its lowest ‘Tab Small’ tier, which lets customers get the phone for $0 upfront and pay a $10 Tab charge on their monthly bill for 24 months for a total of $240. Alternatively, you can buy the G Fast outright for $275.

Either way, the $10 per month cost of the phone is on top of whatever plan option customers pick. After the 24 months, the $10 charge will drop off the monthly bill and customers can continue using their service at the regular monthly fee.

This interested in learning more about the Motorola G Fast can read up on all the specs here.