Pokémon Isle of Armor DLC introduces the fastest Slowpokes ever

What the Fennekin are up with these Slowpokes?

Yesterday, Nintendo launched the first downloadable content for Pokémon Sword and Shield called the Isle of Armor. This game introduces the player to Leon’s mentor Mustard, who oversees a dojo where players can compete in challenges.

One of the challenges is to catch three fast Galarian Slowpoke, which are the fastest Pokémon I’ve ever encountered. If you thought Mega Alakazam was quick then you need to see this.

The Galarian Slowpokes are so quick that I couldn’t even catch them on my bicycle. Seriously, I was trying to catch one of these Slowpokes and I just couldn’t catch it, I had to wait for the dumb pocket monster to run into me.

Both Kanto and Galarian Slowpokes have a max speed of 15 and even with a beneficial nature and the right IVs at level 50 the highest speed it could possibly attain is 73, and at level 60, one can assume it’d be around 85, which isn’t all that quick. I was fighting the level 60 Slowpoke with my level 80 Charizard with a speed of 210 — which I know can be a lot faster for a Charizard as mine lacks good IVs and has a neutral nature — but still, these Slowpokes were quicker than it.

I don’t know what Mustard did, but he made the absolute quickest Slowpokes in the Pokémon world.

Should we call these ones Fast or Quickpokes at this point?

The Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass costs $37.79 CAD and includes both DLCs, The Isles of Amor and The Crown Tundra. Expect our review of the new DLC next week.

Source: Polygon