Rogers reportedly offering some customers 5GB of free data

According to a Rogers message, customers are getting a 5GB data bonus that will 'stay on [their] account'

Earlier this month, Fido offered several customers 5GB of data for free. Now, it looks like Rogers is doing the same.

As spotted by iPhone in Canada, several Rogers customers have received text messages offering them 5GB of free data per month. Unlike the Fido offer, however, the Rogers deal appears to be indefinite.

The full text reads as follows:
“Rogers svc msg: Great news! We added an extra 5GB of data to your plan at no additional cost. This is an exclusive offer to thank you for being a Rogers customer. You don’t have to do anything – this freebie is already on your account. You will receive a notification with details about this change. You’ll also see the bonus data when you log in to your Rogers account online. The 5GB of data will stay on your account for as long as you keep your plan.” 

Finally, the message lists a number for customers to call if they have any questions.

Ultimately, if you’re a Rogers subscriber, it’d be worth keeping an eye out for this message, or even checking your account to see if the 5GB of data has been added. It remains unclear what eligibility metrics exist, however. If you don’t see the 5GB of data, it could also be worth calling in to check, but your mileage may vary.

While any bonus data is welcome, it’s also frustrating that both Rogers and Fido have opted to give people more data during a time when most people are using less. Because of COVID-19, many people are working remotely and spending less time away from Wi-Fi, so mobile data usage is down. Offering customers a temporary reduction in their monthly bill would go a lot further than 5GB of free data.