Google Maps testing new UI changes and other useful features

These new features seem like helpful additions to the platform

Google is reportedly working on a few new features for Maps, according to a breakdown posted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

Wong found that the navigation app may soon let users pick more than one transportation method to get somewhere. For instance, you could choose a route that will get you to your destination through a car and bus.

This would be helpful for people who need to use two modes of transportation to get somewhere, like taking a bus to a train station or biking to a bus stop. Wong notes that Google is referring to the feature as ‘connections to public transit.’

Google is reportedly also working on providing users with better insights on ride fares. This feature would link Google Maps to a rideshare service and offer accurate ride fares within the app itself.

Wong notes that Google is also working on some minor UI changes. For instance, she found that the search bar on the homepage of the app may be rounded off and also display users’ profile pictures.

It’s unknown when Google plans to release any of these features, but they’ll all make nice additions to the app.

Source: @wongmjane Via: 9to5Google