Google Photos might let users set their Google Account profile picture within the app

There's no word on when this feature might be available

Google may be preparing to give Google Photos users the ability to set their account profile picture directly from the app.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong found the feature, and posted an image of the new option on Twitter. She discovered a new ‘Set Profile Picture’ option that appears when users search their own name in the Photos app.

Although it’s not all that difficult to currently change your Google account profile picture, this new functionality would make the process even more convenient and efficient.

Any Google website lets users change their profile picture straight from the drop-down menu, but with this feature users would be able to change their profile picture from the Google Photos app in a few seconds by quickly searching their name, clicking on the option and then selecting a new picture.

It’s unknown when Google is preparing to launch this feature, but it will add an additional level of convenience to the tech giant’s services.

Source: @wongmjane Via: 9to5Google