Apple TV 4K can finally play YouTube in 4K with tvOS 14

It's unclear if this is the result of a change from Apple or Google

Apple TV 4k

Why it has taken this long for tvOS’ YouTube app to stream content in 4K will likely forever remain a mystery.

Along with a few other updates, including quickly resuming games, expanded picture-in-picture support and compatibility with the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, thanks to tvOS 14, the Apple TV 4K is now capable of streaming YouTube in 4K.

Apple TV 4K

With tvOS 13, Google’s YouTube app is limited to 1080p even though the Apple TV 4K is designed to play content in UHD.

It’s unclear if this is a change on YouTube or Google’s part. There’s a possibility YouTube could have shifted to support a different codec format, or that Apple now supports Google’s 4K protocol.

The information regarding the Apple TV 4K supporting UHD with the YouTube app is buried in the preview page for tvOS 14.

The final version of tvOS 14 is expected to be released this fall.

Source: Apple Via: The Verge