Google adding fact check labels to images in search results

The new feature is rolling out globally

Google is introducing fact check labels for images in its search results around the world to crack down on manipulated photos.

The tech giant notes that when you search on Google Images, you may see a ‘Fact Check’ label under the thumbnail image results. When you tap one of these results to view the image, you’ll see a summary indicating what’s false about the image.

Google says these labels may appear both for fact check articles about specific images and for fact check articles that include an image in the story.

“Fact check labels appear on results that come from independent, authoritative sources on the web that meet our criteria. These sources rely on ClaimReview, an open method used by publishers to indicate fact check content to search engines,” Google stated in a blog post.

The company noted that adding these labels in Google image results won’t affect ranking, since its systems are designed to surface the most relevant and reliable information.

This new feature is meant to ensure that people have access to critical context about the information and images they encounter online. It will certainly help to know if an image has been manipulated before you share it.

Source: Google