Spotify is testing in-app ads in its podcast episodes pages

Audibly recalling podcast promo codes could be a thing of the past

Spotify is looking to make it easier to remember promo codes for your favourite podcasts.

The music streaming company is testing a new feature that pops up an ad inside the app itself. The in-app ads for Spotify podcasts will show up for specific podcast episode pages.

So, instead of audibly recalling a promo code, you can simply click on the link under ‘episode sponsors.’

You’ll be brought to the advertiser’s page with the deal ready to go, meaning there are fewer steps needed to save money.

“In-App Offers makes it vastly simpler for listeners to redeem deals whenever they come back to the app,” explained Joel Withrow, senior product manager of podcast monetization.

The move might be a sign that podcast ad reads are possibly going away on Spotify, anyway. It’s too early to say if other podcast services will follow suit as the new feature is currently in alpha.

Spotify previously teased this back at CES in January with a promise to revolutionize podcast ads with its Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) technology.

The new tool will provide creators and advertisers with a lot more data. Spotify is looking to provide actual ad impressions, frequency, reach and anonymized audience info with its in-app offer feature.

Spotify says it will continue testing in-app offers through the end of 2020.

Image credit: Spotify

Source: Spotify Via: Engadget