More than 175 million cars have embedded BlackBerry QNX tech

This is a 25 million increase over last year

qnx blackeberry connected car

BlackBerry has announced that its BlackBerry QNX software is now embedded in more than 175 million cars around the world.

The recently revealed statistic marks a 25 million vehicle increase from when the company last reported its automotive footprint in June 2019.

This figure includes vehicles from several car manufacturers like BMW, Ford, Porsche, Toyota and more.

“In the past five years we’ve gone from BlackBerry QNX technology helping to power 60 million cars to today’s announcement of more than 175 million,” said John Chen, BlackBerry executive chairman and CEO, in a press release.

BlackBerry says it measured QNX software usage by collaborating with research and industry analyst firm, Strategy Analytics.

Image credit: BlackBerry

Source: BlackBerry