Get a sneak peek at Netflix’s ‘Cuphead Show’ and a slew of other shows

Other shows featured include ‘Sirocco' and ‘The Hangman at Home'

Cuphead Netflix

Netflix has another video game TV show adaptation in the works, The Cuphead Show.

The series is based on 2017’s ‘run and gun’ game Cuphead, created by Canadian indie developer Studio MDHR. The title’s aesthetic is inspired by 1930s animation, and it looks like the TV series will take that approach to the next level.

A ‘Work In Progress’ panel during Annecy’s online festival recently featured the upcoming TV show, according to Variety.

The series’ pilot will introduce Cuphead and his brother, Mugman, the TV show’s main characters, who embark on a dangerous journey across the Inkwell Isles. Minor characters from Cuphead will also receive more character development in the series than they did in the game.

Irish animation studio Lighthouse Studios is animating The Cuphead Show, which is set to release at some point in 2021. It’s also worth noting that Cuphead‘s expansion, The Delicious Last Course, is slated to launch sometime this year following a delay last summer.

While The Cuphead Show may have been the standout series from the panel, there were other works that left their own impression.

One of these projects includes Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Wind, based on the world of George Dunning’s 1960s classic Yellow Submarine. The 75-minute feature will release in 2022.

For the interactive project category, Michelle and Uri Kranot’s The Hangman at Home was shown off. It’s a VR experience that builds on the creator’s 2017 installation, Nothing Happens, which questions the role of the spectator.

Source: Variety