Netflix now allows you to remove titles from ‘Continue Watching’ row on Android

This should help you remove clutter from your homepage

Netflix has rolled out a new feature that lets Android users remove specific titles from the ‘Continue Watching’ section of the app.

To do this, click on the title you’d like gone and select ‘remove from row.’ This feature is intended to give you more control over their app’s homepage.

Given that Netflix is all about algorithm-powered content discovery, it’s very likely that you’ve started a new movie or TV show at one point that you haven’t gone back to. Unfortunately, this means that said title will remain in your Continue Watching section along with any other movies or series that you very much intend to resume.

With ‘remove from row,’ however, you’ll be able to better manage what’s in your Continue Watching row, making it easier to jump into the titles you actually want to stream. The feature is now available on Android devices and is coming to iOS on June 29th.

Additionally, Netflix has added episodes, info and ratings information directly to the menu that pops up when you tap on a title (the same one used to access the ‘remove from row’ option). This allows you to get more details on a given show or movie without having to go to said title’s individual page in the Netflix app.

Via: The Verge