Amazon reportedly planning to add new live TV services to Prime Video

The company is reportedly pursuing licensing deals for live TV services

Amazon may be looking to add new live TV services to its Prime Video streaming platform, according to publicly available job listings.

There aren’t any details about what the new live TV services would include, since the plan seems to be in the early stages.

A job listing states that the company is looking for a candidate who can “redefine how customers watch 24/7 linear broadcast TV content.” The listing also outlines that this person would be “designing the end-to-end customer experience for how customers discover and watch Linear TV content.”

Another listing says that the Prime Video team is “building next gen linear catalog systems to provide best-in-class Linear TV experience to Prime Video customers.”

Further, a report from Protocol states that Amazon is “actively pursuing” licensing deals for live TV services.

It’s important to note that this wouldn’t be Amazon’s first time experimenting with live TV, since it has offered Thursday Night Football games on Prime Video. In terms of Canada, the service is partnered with Global News to offer live news content. Also, Amazon already offers Prime Video Channels in Canada.

However, these recent findings indicate that Amazon is furthering its live TV plans by looking into some sort of 24/7 service. The efforts are clearly in the early stages, so it’ll be interesting to learn more about Amazon’s plans as they continue to develop.

Source: The Verge, Protocol