Google Assistant may get the ability to broadcast messages to specific rooms

Only a select number of users have access to the feature right now

Google is reportedly testing the ability to broadcast messages to speakers in specific rooms with Assistant, according to 9to5Google.

The tech giant’s current broadcasting feature for Google Assistant sends messages to every speaker attached to users’ accounts. Although this is already a great feature, you don’t always need to send a message to every compatible speaker.

Google now appears to be testing the ability to send messages to a specific room in your house. A user posted a video of the test on YouTube, which outlines that the feature essentially lets users say something like “Hey Google, broadcast this message to the living room, the food is ready.”

After this command, Google broadcasts the message to compatible speakers in the living room. This feature would be especially helpful for parents who want to send a message to their kids, and is also a nice addition to Assistant’s already helpful broadcast option.

It’s important to note that this feature hasn’t rolled out widely, and seems to only be available for a select number of users.

Source: 9to5Google