iOS 14’s new AirPods optimized charging aims to reduce battery aging

This feature should extend the life of AirPods


Following the release of iOS and macOS battery optimization features, Apple is bringing the functionality to its AirPods.

With iOS 14, AirPods will now learn your charging routine and wait to charge past 80 percent until you need to use them. It’s unclear exactly how accurate the feature is, but it likely improves the more you use the AirPods with an iPhone running iOS 14.

This aims to reduce battery ageing and extend the overall life of AirPods, which has been an issue for some people given how frequently the wireless earbuds need to be charged.

Below is Apple’s description if the feature:

“Optimized Battery Charging Enabled: To reduce battery ageing, AirPods learn from your daily charging routine so they can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use them.”

I attempted to make the notification appear with the AirPods Pro connected to the iPhone SE (2020) running the iOS 14 developer beta, but it didn’t appear.

That said, 9to5Mac has a screenshot of iOS 14’s new battery optimization included in its coverage of the feature.

Source: 9to5Mac