Public Mobile offering 1GB data bonus for six months on select activations

The offer is running until June 25th

Public Mobile is currently offering a 1GB data bonus for six months when you activate $25, $40 and $50 plans plans online.

“From June 23-25, get 1GB of bonus data every month for the first 6 months when you activate on select plans online. Activate by July 10 using the email address you submit below to receive this offer,” the offer reads.

To get the offer, you have to submit your email on the carrier’s website between June 23rd to 25th. Then you need to make sure to activate your plan with the same email address by July 10th.

The carrier says that if you don’t have a SIM you can order one, and it will arrive in 3-10 days, after which you can activate it by July 10th to get the deal. If you already have a SIM, you can activate it online with the same email address you entered on the website by the offer’s deadline.

Public Mobile notes that this offer cannot be combined with any other promotions and is only applicable to online plan activations.