Chatr launches two new credit cards

The carrier launched the ‘chatr Mastercard’ and the ‘chatr Secured Mastercard'

Rogers’ flanker brand, Chatr, has announced the launch of two new credit cards to help Canadians establish themselves financially whether they have credit history or not.

The carrier has launched the ‘Chatr Mastercard’ and the ‘Chatr Secured Mastercard,’ which it says will help Canadians build or rebuild their credit amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chatr says that the Secured Mastercard guarantees approval to eligible customers, and states that it is one of the only secured credit cards in Canada to offer customer rewards.

The Chatr Secured Mastercard is meant to provide a solution for Canadian residents who would not typically qualify for other credit cards in the market. It’s available for a $5 monthly fee, and offers one percent cash back on purchases from Chatr and 0.5 percent cash back on all other eligible purchases.

The carrier notes that the secured credit card will help new Canadian residents “establish themselves and become part of the financial mainstream.”

“In a world where contactless payments and ecommerce are growing, it’s vital that everyone living in Canada has access to the digital economy whether they have credit history or not,” said Shailendra Gujarati, the vice-president of Chatr, in a press release.

Further, the carrier notes that Chatr Mastercard is aimed towards customers with established credit and is available with no annual fee. It offers three percent cash back on Chatr purchases, and one percent cash back on all other purchases.

“Cardholders will also receive a $25 welcome bonus in cash back rewards when they make a purchase with the card within the first 90 days,” the carrier notes.

Both of the cards are from Rogers Bank and come with security features, including transaction monitoring. Customers will also receive Rogers Bank Alerts if there is a change in activity.

You can learn more about the credit cards here. 

Image credit: Chatr

Source: Chatr