Google phone passes through FCC, likely the Pixel 4a

The FCC listing could mean the Pixel 4a will launch in July, or several months from now

If you’re wondering where the Google Pixel 4a is, you’re not alone. But, it looks like we could get Google’s rumoured budget phone sooner rather than later.

Google’s long-rumoured follow-up to last year’s excellent budget smartphone, the Pixel 3a, was supposed to arrive this year. Rumours suggested we’d get it at Google I/O 2020, but the search giant delayed and ultimately cancelled the conference because of COVID-19. After that, people speculated that Google would announce the Pixel 4a alongside the Android 11 beta — that didn’t happen either.

Now, with June almost over and still no sign of the Pixel 4a, we’re left wondering what’s going on. The Pixel 3a launched in May 2019, but if Google planned to launch the 4a in May 2020, we’re well past that now.

However, a Google phone with three model numbers recently passed through the FCC, as spotted by XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman. The three model numbers, ‘G025J,’ ‘G025M’ and ‘G025N’ bear a similarity to the Pixel 4, which had ‘G020(x)’ model numbers.

Considering Google doesn’t make many phones, to have model numbers this similar to the Pixel 4 passing through the FCC at this time strongly suggests it’s the Pixel 4a.

Earlier this week, the G025N model number was spotted on the Bureau of Indian Standards, adding more credence to the Pixel 4a rumours.

Getting an FCC listing is usually the final step in bringing a phone to market, so a July launch for the Pixel 4a is definitely a possibility. However, it could still be another few months before Google brings the 4a to market. At this point, Google might just launch the 4a alongside the rumoured Pixel 5 later this year.

Source: Mishaal Rahman, Android Authority