Motorola’s latest mid-range phone, the Moto E, is now available in Canada

You will be able to get the Moto E with most Canadian carriers

Earlier this month, Motorola announced both the Moto G Fast and Moto E (2020) mid-range smartphones set to come to Canada. The G Fast became available last week, and now the Moto E is also available.

Motorola confirmed to MobileSyrup that the Moto E would be available at Telus, Koodo, Rogers, Fido and Chatr starting June 26th. Subsequently, the phone will be available at Videotron, Freedom Mobile, Bell, Virgin Mobile, Lucky Mobile and SaskTel.

However, at the time of writing, only Rogers and its flanker brands had the Moto E (2020) available.


Rogers is offering the Moto E on its device financing plan for $0 down and $6.25 per month for 24 months. If you don’t want to do financing, you can also buy the Moto E for $150 outright.

You can learn more on Rogers’ website.


Like Rogers, Fido also offers the Moto E on device financing. It’s $0 down and $6.25 per month, or $150 outright if you don’t want to go on financing.

You can learn more on Fido’s website.


Since Chatr only offers phones without a contract, the Moto E is available outright for $150.

You can learn more on Chatr’s website.

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